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Top 8 Sweat Spots In LA

Fitness has become an essential part of a typical LA lifestyle. There are so many different types of workouts and amazing gyms available on every city block that it can sometimes get overwhelming to find a favorite. 

We have curated a list of our top 10 favorite spots to break a sweat, with workouts varying from yoga to boxing and all located near the Los Angeles Area. With each workout spot we have paired the perfect matching set from one of our collections.  So no more using the "there's too many places I don't know where to go" excuse, because we've given you the best head start to get into the fitness groove.

Get ready to Rumble,

Kicking off the list with number 1...



Appealing in so many ways including its celebrity clientele, Dogpound is where you can go to break an intense sweat and get your heart pumping. With full body workouts curated to each individual client as well as an overall focus on engaging the arms, legs, and core, Dogpound trainers will have you running back to them after every workout for another adrenaline rush. So get ready to HIIT the Dogpound in your Mirage Bra and Slate Leggings by REN Active, which you can shop for now on our site. 
Located in: West Hollywood


There's only one place that you can go to feel like you're at a party while on a bicycle. Living up to their motto, "SoulCycle is more than a workout—it’s an experience," SoulCycle is a unique space you can go to to burn calories, get inspired, and party! With studios located in many places around the U.S., Get ready to hop on the bike and get immersed in the energy, while wearing your Pastel Yellow Bundle from the Morgan Stewart Sport collection.
See you at the finish line!
Some locations include: Calabasas, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood


If you've never been to Orange Theory you have to try this one of a kind workout which involves a combination of exercises for a total body workout. Arrive thirty minutes early to your 'first timer' free class and bring along a towel and water bottle to stay hydrated. Upon your arrival, a coach will give you a heart monitor to wear during your work out, and give you some goals to keep in mind during the class. The class includes cardio, rowing, and strength training which involve treadmills, rowers, benches, free weights, and floor exercises with TRX systems. When the class is over after a nice cool down stretch, you'll receive your workout summary showing the results of your calories burned, and how much time you spent in each heart rate zone and more! To be prepared for your workout at Orange Theory Fitness, wear the Morgan Stewart Sport Tangerine Set for a comfortable, perfectly suiting outfit. 

There are over 1000 Orange Theory Fitness Gyms all over, head to their website here to find the location closest to you! 


Rumble is an up and coming group fitness workout spot that is perfect for those of you who want to put in hard work and have fun while doing it. The workout consists of 10 heated rounds that alternate between boxing and strength conditioning exercises. Rumble has special teardrop style, water filled boxing bags that will get your heart pounding and sweat dripping with your first punch. Zero experience is necessary...all you need to do is show up with two fists, positive energy and your VITA LA Spitfire Set

Located in: West Hollywood


If you're looking for an effective, low impact, full body workout then try out Pure Barre! Each class lasts 40-45 minutes and includes a series of isometric movements that utilize a ballet bar and other light equipment. You'll be getting stronger with each and every class, and eventually  you will develop long and lean muscles without the bulk. Pure Barre is perfect for those of you who are on a pursuit of excellence and seeking your purest sense of self. Wear the Morgan Stewart Viper Set to Pure Barre for ultimate comfort during your workout.
Some locations include: Beverly Hills, Malibu, Brentwood, Woodland Hills, and Santa Monica


Natural Pilates is the place for the women who are seeking change and growth through building strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. Natural Pilates offers private, semi-private, and group pilates classes. With the use of V2 Max Reformer, Towers and Wunda chairs. There's no better place to wear the new VITA LA Thunderbird Set than Natural Pilates where you go to strengthen your mind and body. 
Locations: Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and Silver Lake 



There's only one place where you can legally run a red light, and thats at Barry's Bootcamp. With 50-60 minute classes that get you sweating and burning up to a total of 1,000 calories through running, and high intensity interval training. At Barry's you have the option to do the 'Original HIIT' Workout which is 50% treadmill and 50% strength training (floor), or if you're not feeling like running but still want an intense workout, you can do the 'Original Double Floor' workout. Be sure to wear your REN Active Onyx bra and Onyx Black Leggings and be prepared for a rush when you run those red lights. 

Some locations include: Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills


Body By Simone offers a variety of amazing workouts through dancing, resistance training, high intensity, and strength focused workouts. Look into custom design workouts which focus on keeping the mind stimulated while activating each bodily muscle. Head to Body By Simone for a variety of exercises that will get you closer to the healthy lifestyle you are trying to achieve or continuing to pursue in the Morgan Stewart Sport Rose Quartz Bundle.

Locations: West Hollywood and Brentwood 

Be sure to leave us a comment below and let us know where your favorite place to break a sweat is! xx
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